Peru comes home

This post is about two different events that have come together unexpectedly. With the exception of one year, for the past four years, a group of friends have hired my amazing food stylist, Chef Michael Giletto, as a private chef. He prepares the most amazing food and I have never had anything that he has made that I didn’t absolutely love. Well we just had our dinner and he has outdone himself again, this meal even more amazing that the previous ones.

Next week, I am going on vacation. It’s off to Peru and Ecuador. I’ve always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands and will finally have a chance to do it. Before that it’s a visit to the Amazon, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. I can’t wait, you’ll see photos here
as soon as I can post them.

Peruvian Purple Corn Low ResSo, how do these two stories meet? Chef Michael decided that he wanted to cook a Peruvian meal for us. What a coincidence, he didn’t know that we were on our way to Peru 10 days later. Well, this was some outstanding dinner.


_MG_8163 Low ResWe had a drink called Chicha morada from purple Peruvian corn and the rind Giletto Dinner00065 Low Resfrom the pineapple, apple cinnamon, cloves and sugar. It was boiled to extract the flavors and then cooled and filled with pineapple pieces. IT WAS AWESOME!

Our next course was Aguadito de Polo – Chicken and Cilantro soup. I think he kept down the spices because a feGiletto Dinner00016 Low Resw members of our group (including me) don’t like hot spices.

Our third course was Causa limena, It was a beautiful presentation of mashed potatoes Aji Pepper purée and chicken salad made with cumin, celery and mayo. The dish was layers of potato, chicken, potato and topped with finely diced red  bell pepper. It was served with Hucactay sauce (aji pepper, milk, feta, garlic, salt and pepper, lime, saltines) purée.Giletto Dinner00032 Low Res

Our fish dish was traditionally made of a variety of fish but, our guests couldn’t all agree on what they like. The only one they all could agree on is shrimp, so shrimp it was. The dish is called Jalea. The breaded shrimp was served with yucca, lime, _MG_8164 Low Rescilantro, Concha (which is a cooked, large kernel corn) onions, tomatoes and lots of goodness. This was definitely the best shrimp dish I have ever eaten

Giletto Dinner00073 Low ResOur meat course was Lomo. The hanger steak was cooked to perfection. It was served with plantains, Concha, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions…lots of red onions.Giletto Dinner00111 Low Res

I was warned by my friends that have been to Peru, not to expect this level of 5 star dinning during our visit but, I’m glad that I got a taste of some delicious,classic Peruvian recipes.

About Jerry

I was a science teacher for 31 years. During that time I photographed wedding and Bar Mitzvahs for about 15 years but that was in the days before digital. Being a teacher, I had my summers free so I assisted food and commercial still life photographers in NYC for 3 summers and fell in love with it. Having a wife and a mortgage, it was not practical to give up a job in teaching and go into photography so I put off my dream of becoming a food photographer until I retired from teaching. Now I am living my dream - I am a food and product photographer servicing New York City, Philadelphia and all of New Jersey.
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1 Response to Peru comes home

  1. Lewis Klotz says:

    Having had the privilege and pleasure to participate in this awesome dinner, I can attest that Jerry’s remarks are spot on. My taste buds are still singing. My wife and I will be joining the Deutsch’s to Peru next week, and this meal was a marvelous introduction to our trip. Can’t wait!

    Chef Giletto outdid himself. A consumate and talented professional. In addition to presenting a spectacular meal, he guided us throughout the evening by providing culinary insights into Peruvian culture.

    Much thanks to Jerry and Ellen Deutsch for graciously hosting this event, and to Chef Giletto for his expertise.

    Lewis Klotz

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