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I dare you to look at these images and not get hungry. 100 pages (76 images) of sheer deliciousness. You really have to see this. Food Photography at its best.

Just CLICK HERE or on the image below and give the page a minute to load…it’s quite large.

Click on the bottom right corner and turn the page. ENJOY!

Food Photography Book

Food Photography Photo Book


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Learn Moody Photography

CLOSED – all seats are taken


Did you ever admire those dark, moody food images thatthat not only create a mood, but also, just make your mouth water? Well, here’s the program you’ve been asking for. Photographer Simi Jois ( will be presenting a workshop on Zoom on how to style, light, and shoot those moody images.

Learn how to create a mood, while Jerry Deutsch (, a food and product photographer, will be doing the post-production. Learn how to get that image from the camera to the screen or print.emphasizing your food.

Simi says, “Jerry is my first teacher, I have learned a lot from him and he is a Photoshop genius. I’m thrilled to have him do a workshop with me. It will be a great learning experience for all of us. I cannot wait to learn, please join me“

The workshop will take place on May 5, 2020, at 11 am Central Time (that’s Noon Eastern Time) and will take you from start to finish. A question and answer period following the presented material.

We know that times are tough right now and many of you are not working, so the cost of this workshop is a mere $10.00 payable by PayPal.

Contact Simi at or through Facebook/Instagram Direct Message. To guarantee your seat, make your $10 payment, payable to through PayPal. Space is limited so act now to guarantee your spot.

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COVID-19, Social Distancing and Starting Over

I have been doing food and product photography for over 10 years. I am not a big studio with employees. I am a freelancer and contract assistants and food stylists as I need them.

The most important thing to my business, and to me personally, is my clients. Their satisfaction, as well as their well being, are my entire business. So, this virus and social distancing has really taken a toll on my life as well as my business.  As a retired teacher, I do not depend on my photography business as my main source of income. I am not at financial risk right now as so many are. They are suffering. I am not. For that I am thankful. But, as it relates to my photography business, I am basically shut down and hoping for it to return in a couple of months.

When the threat of the pandemic came in Early March, my wife and I decided that if we were to be locked down, we would rather be in Florida with the warmer weather. So, we drove down to Florida and plan on being here until it is safe enough to drive back up north.

I set up a studio in Florida but, I imagine that my clients, if they are still working, do not want to ship their products to me as that becomes an additional expense for them. I certainly understand that, times are tough everywhere. I just hope that this is a temporary situation. My fear is that some of them might find other sources for their imagery as they are reluctant to use me at a distance.

I don’t know if my clients are working or not. Many of them are in the food industry so they might be. Either way, I hope that they are well and don’t feel that I have abandoned them. I have not. I am just a UPS or FedEx delivery away.

I have ended my Microsoft (Bing) and Google ads due to the pandemic. I will not be meeting with any new clients, working with clients at the studio or even work with an assistant or a  food stylist. I don’t imagine that I will be getting any new client inquiries at this time. I only hope that after all this is over, that I don’t have to start my business over from scratch.

If you need product photography and you have a product that could be shipped and then wiped down with a Clorox wipe, I am here and happy to help you with your photographic needs.

On a side note: There is a cafe at the clubhouse in my community which of course, is closed. However, they are still preparing meals and delivering them to the residents. This keeps the residents fed and the cafe employees working. A great idea for everyone. (And the food is excellent.) As a thank you, I have been photographing the meals that they sent us for dinner. These are not specifically prepared for the camera. They come in a plastic container and often squeezed in there. But, the idea that they are still working for us was very impressive and I shot these images as a gift for the cafe.

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New Website

I am playing with a new website and wanted your opinion. Please Comment!


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50th Anniversary

Photo from History.Nasa.Gov

As you may have read in my bio, I come from a science background. I’ve always been into science, even as a little kid. I remember watching the first mercury space flights in the early 60s. (I was 8 years old when Friendship 7 launched.) Now we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. That was so exciting.

My love of science merges with my love of photography. The images brought back from the Apollo missions are still legendary. The astronauts used Hasselblad cameras…arguably the best camera out there. Did you know that the astronauts left their cameras on the moon to save the weight for the return trip? 12 of these classic cameras are still on the moon.

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Blasts from the Past

It’s been a while that I have looked at these but, I thought that I would bring them back as they are still valid. I’ve been asked to write helpful hints for food photographers a few times and would like to share the links to these here…


And don’t forget my little book…


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My goal is to deliver results far above expectations. I would never take on a job that I was not equipped to handle. Reading the kudos that I have been given by my clients makes that quite obvious.  Maturity, professionalism, creativity, expertise, and friendliness are the things that I bring to a photo shoot (not ego.)

Please take a look at to see some of my food images and prepare to get hungry.

Some of my product work can be seen at

I look forward to your comments and critiques of the work.

My website is at and this blog is at

Scallops on a plate at a high end restaurant







Serving New York City, Philadelphia and all of New Jersey.

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Seeing through the mind of my client has been important part of my photography. Many times, when working directly for a client, they rely on my vision to create art from their products. Other times, the client has a clear vision of what they want and it is my job to understand that and to bring it to life.

When working with an art director however, it is imperative that I be able to see through their eyes. I have to create an image that they and their team have imagined.

Commercial photography has no place for egos. We are a creative team and have to function as a team. If my vision is different than that of the client, it is the client that takes precedence. That being said, after we get the shot that the client is asking for, if it is possible, I will deliver an additional version that gives the client a choice, something above and beyond what is expected.

Please take a look at my images at and click on the portfolios to see what you will get if you work with me and my team. See the comments that my clients have made at my KUDOS page.

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One of the many things I’ve learned in the past decade as a food and product photographer is that clients are looking for consistency; a style that holds their images together. This is no surprise. As a teacher for over 31 years, consistency in the classroom is crucial for being a successful educator. Besides consistency in the final image, consistency in attitude and professionalism is equally, if not more important. These are among the most important things about being a professional.

Please take a look at my images at and click on the portfolios to see what you will get if you work with me and my team. See the comments that my clients have made at my KUDOS page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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In search of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

The aurora and clear sky.

I try to keep this blog related to my food and product photography but, I just have to make another exception. My last post was about my trip to Southern Africa. I just came back from another amazing journey. This time, I went on a vacation to see Northern Lights and now I have checked that from my bucket list as well.

This is my wife and I’s second attempt at seeing the Aurora Borealis. The first time was a drive around Iceland in October, 2009. Unfortunately, we had cloudy skies every night.

This time, my wife and I and a couple of friends took a cruise in Norway. Our first outing to see the Northern Lights was cancelled because our ship had to leave the port before it would have been dark enough.  Our second attempt, in Alta, Norway gave us a beautifully clear sky and freezing cold (0℉) temperatures, but no Aurora. (Fortunately, there were teepees with fires to provide a little warmth.

Northern Lights

Watching the slowly changing curtains for 2 hours.

Our third outing in Tromsø was finally a success. As soon as we got off the bus in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere, the aurora was visible.

The sky was perfectly clear and there was no moon. We were all thrilled (there were two bus loads of fellow cruisers.) We watched the lights as they slowly moved across the sky for 2 hours. We were cold. It must have been 10℉. After 2 hours, everyone was back on the bus for warmth. We asked if we can return to the ship early and the guide inquired. She said that we can but just not yet. She told us that she would go outside to watch the sky to see if there was a change and let us know if there was. About a minute or two later, she came on to the bus and told us that we had to get off to see what was happening.

Northern Lights

The sky lights up with dancing ribbons and curtains of green and pink.

The sky lit up with well defined curtains of green light with a bottom edge clearly in pink. (The exposure changed from 30 seconds to about 5 seconds). The light danced around the sky above us an we were in awe. The show lasted about 15 minutes. The guides told us it was the best display that they had ever seen. Check this one off the bucket list.Northern Lights

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the rest of the cruise as all the passengers and crew talked about that amazing night.

Norwegian inner passage

Long, beautiful sunsets.

Norwegian inner passage

Dramatic Skies

Crossing the arctic circle.

Crossing the arctic circle.

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