Time Flies

As Groucho Marx once said, “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” I think both statements are true. It is now the Autumnal Equinox and summer is over. Before you know it, it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. Is your business ready for the holidays? It’s time to do photography for those holidays now. So, happy Autumnal Equinox to everyone.

Speaking of holidays, I want to wish everyone a sweet and happy new year if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah and of course an easy fast on Yom Kippur.

Rotten Luck- averted

In my last message, I told you about the failure of my computer. Well, I have my new Mac Studio and it is running nicely and all my files have been restored (I hope.) The only loss I suffered was of the backup. I had to erase the backup drive after my restore and start over again. That being said, it was only old files that I might have erased that are gone and I don’t think that I’ve erased any accidentally. So, all is good as far as that is concerned.

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When It Rains…It Pours

Happy Labor Day

As a kid, I used to look forward to Labor Day and watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I never really associated Labor Day and the heartbreak of the summer vacation being over. As an adult however, being a teacher for over 31 years, Labor Day has always been a time of stress and going back to work with a new set of students…very stressful. But now, as a working photographer, Labor Day is a time to appreciate my clients and say thank you for allowing me to provide you with the photographs that your business needs. I am very gratful for my loyal clients.

Rotten Luck

When it rains, it pours. My computer died a couple of weeks ago and I had to bring it in for service. They thought that the drives had to be erased and and the operating system re-installed. This took about 4 days. Luckily I have my laptop and my wife’s computer and the one in the studio. I had a small job to do and tried all 3 of these machines and was most comfortable on my wife’s computer. This meant throwing her off the machine for a day but she used the iPad so all was good (eventually.)

So I got my computer back (very happy that they didn’t charge me anything) and got to work on restoring my backup. About 4 hours into the restore (almost half done) the computer screen goes completely black. I could not get the machine to boot up again. So, I take everything apart again and bring it back for repair. This time, they have trouble getting the machine to boot so, it’s another week of diagnosis and repair. This time, they had to replace parts so, it was not free. I was shocked that they were able to get it working again. Because I had no confidence in getting my machine back, I ordered a new machine which will not be arriving for about a month. I couldn’t be without a computer for that long so, I paid for the repair of my old machine. (I didn’t realize that my “top of the line” computer was actually almost 7 years old and technology has passed us by.)

Now, I have to try the restore of the backup again onto the repaired machine, but this time I see that my external data drive with all of my client’s photos is dead. Fortunately, the backup is good. My client data is 7.5 Terabytes on a 5 disk RAID array. After emailing back and forth with tech support we determine that the array is really dead. So, I think I’ll keep my 5 data drives and put them into a new array enclosure, but lo and behold, they are no longer manufactured. So, where do I turn? EBAY. I found one drive for sale at auction (with several bidders.) Now my luck is improving…I win the auction (although a little more expensive than I was hoping.) Meanwhile, my computer’s internal drive is restored and so far, everything seems to be working.

So, the replacement used RAID array finally came and it took about an hour to get it up and running, another hour to get it working with the computer and it is going to be a few days to restore the 7.5 Terabytes of client data to it.  And when this is all done, and everything working again, my new computer will be arriving and I’ll have to start all over again. So, if you have been wondering what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks, there it is.

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Flip Book

I found a website that creates an online flip book from a PDF file so I uploaded my blurb book for you to enjoy.


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That’s what I said when I went out to the driveway to help my client bring in their products.

You see, the shoot before the one we were doing was to create an image for a van wrap, I had an overlay of the van and worked in Lightroom to position the flavor cues of this awesome premium ice cream. It was hard to imagine what the final van would look like with a 20 Ft. (6.1m) image wrapped around it.

Thanks to the help of Chef Kersti of Butterfly Gourmet Media. my food stylist, and some Photoshop magic, we pulled it off. All I could say was, “Wow.”

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Spring Brings Rebirth

Spring is a time of rebirth. The plants are blossoming and the animals are mating. Life seems to be getting back to normal.

Life is returning to normal for me as well. Now that I’ve been vaccinated I am willing to work with clients in person that have also been fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means two weeks after the last dose (dose 2 for Pfizer and Moderna and dose 1 for J&J.)

So, let’s drink a toast to Spring and the beginning of the return to normalcy.

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Google Sites

Did you know that you can create a website on Google for free? Just visite sites.google.com to get started. Here is a link to what I created there…please let me know what you think in the comments. https://sites.google.com/view/photographybyjerryllc/home

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Must See


Since I added a few new images to the book, the link no longer worked so, I’ve updated the links. I apologize if anyone tried to see the book and was not able to.

I dare you to look at these images and not get hungry. 100 pages (76 images) of sheer deliciousness. You really have to see this. Food Photography at its best.

Just CLICK HERE or on the image below and give the page a minute to load…it’s quite large.

Click on the bottom right corner and turn the page. ENJOY!

Food Photography Book

Food Photography Photo Book


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Learn Moody Photography

CLOSED – all seats are taken


Did you ever admire those dark, moody food images thatthat not only create a mood, but also, just make your mouth water? Well, here’s the program you’ve been asking for. Photographer Simi Jois (www.simijois.com) will be presenting a workshop on Zoom on how to style, light, and shoot those moody images.

Learn how to create a mood, while Jerry Deutsch (www.njfoodphotographer.com), a food and product photographer, will be doing the post-production. Learn how to get that image from the camera to the screen or print.emphasizing your food.

Simi says, “Jerry is my first teacher, I have learned a lot from him and he is a Photoshop genius. I’m thrilled to have him do a workshop with me. It will be a great learning experience for all of us. I cannot wait to learn, please join me“

The workshop will take place on May 5, 2020, at 11 am Central Time (that’s Noon Eastern Time) and will take you from start to finish. A question and answer period following the presented material.

We know that times are tough right now and many of you are not working, so the cost of this workshop is a mere $10.00 payable by PayPal.

Contact Simi at turmeric53@gmail.com or through Facebook/Instagram Direct Message. To guarantee your seat, make your $10 payment, payable to cjois@jois.net through PayPal. Space is limited so act now to guarantee your spot.

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COVID-19, Social Distancing and Starting Over

I have been doing food and product photography for over 10 years. I am not a big studio with employees. I am a freelancer and contract assistants and food stylists as I need them.

The most important thing to my business, and to me personally, is my clients. Their satisfaction, as well as their well being, are my entire business. So, this virus and social distancing has really taken a toll on my life as well as my business.  As a retired teacher, I do not depend on my photography business as my main source of income. I am not at financial risk right now as so many are. They are suffering. I am not. For that I am thankful. But, as it relates to my photography business, I am basically shut down and hoping for it to return in a couple of months.

When the threat of the pandemic came in Early March, my wife and I decided that if we were to be locked down, we would rather be in Florida with the warmer weather. So, we drove down to Florida and plan on being here until it is safe enough to drive back up north.

I set up a studio in Florida but, I imagine that my clients, if they are still working, do not want to ship their products to me as that becomes an additional expense for them. I certainly understand that, times are tough everywhere. I just hope that this is a temporary situation. My fear is that some of them might find other sources for their imagery as they are reluctant to use me at a distance.

I don’t know if my clients are working or not. Many of them are in the food industry so they might be. Either way, I hope that they are well and don’t feel that I have abandoned them. I have not. I am just a UPS or FedEx delivery away.

I have ended my Microsoft (Bing) and Google ads due to the pandemic. I will not be meeting with any new clients, working with clients at the studio or even work with an assistant or a  food stylist. I don’t imagine that I will be getting any new client inquiries at this time. I only hope that after all this is over, that I don’t have to start my business over from scratch.

If you need product photography and you have a product that could be shipped and then wiped down with a Clorox wipe, I am here and happy to help you with your photographic needs.

On a side note: There is a cafe at the clubhouse in my community which of course, is closed. However, they are still preparing meals and delivering them to the residents. This keeps the residents fed and the cafe employees working. A great idea for everyone. (And the food is excellent.) As a thank you, I have been photographing the meals that they sent us for dinner. These are not specifically prepared for the camera. They come in a plastic container and often squeezed in there. But, the idea that they are still working for us was very impressive and I shot these images as a gift for the cafe.

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New Website

I am playing with a new website and wanted your opinion. Please Comment!



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