Food photography has been my passion since the early 1980s. At that time, I was a science teacher and weekend wedding photographer. Having the summers off, I worked as an assistant in New York City. For two summers I worked for Stu Peltz, a commercial still life photographer who told me that I couldn’t afford to become a photographer because in commercial photography, there was no such thing as a part-time or weekend photographer. Stu was a great photographer, a great mentor and he was right. I put off my dream until I retired from 31 years of teaching science.

Well, retirement finally arrived and the first thing I did was buy a digital SLR. (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) started renewing my skills and building a portfolio.

Now I am a working product and still life photographer. No Wedding! No Bar Mitzvahs! I specialize in table top photography showing your products in their best light. Because, as every photographer knows, “It’s all about the light.”Please visit my portfolio at http://www.photography-by-jerry.com to see my work.

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