Inspiration Can Be Expensive

If you’ve read my last post on the workshop in Gulf Shores, Alabama, you probably realize that I have been motivated and inspired to do food photography with natural light (not available light – I’ve been corrected) with shallower depth of field or a top down view.

Seafood Salad and Rice Top Down View

So, what happens next? Practice, practice, practice. I intend to practice these techniques so  much that I can end up in Carnegie Hall (I’ve heard that you get to Carnegie Hall with practice, practice, practice.)

But, practicing photography only works when you are motivated to make beautiful images so, I needed props and food to photograph. I went shopping! Did you know that Kohl’s and J.C.Penny have beautiful plates, bowls, napkins and towels? I spent over $200. and that’s without food. And next – Home Goods!

Stuffed Mushroom with lunch

Since I don’t cook, (I don’t even prepare! – the closest I come is warming up leftovers in the microwave or on a good day, making a simple omelet) I went to Wegman’s because they really know how to cook.

I purchased some rice, macaroni salad, seafood salad and bread and got to work.

The biggest problem was finding light. The best I could do was use the sliding door in the sunroom (the room in which we just purchased a custom designed rug – I’d better not spill anything!)

Mac and Cheese with seafood

I set up on the floor but, couldn’t bring in the dirty old wood with the new rug. I had a small piece of cork paper for one shot and one of the new napkins for the next. I definitely have to get more surfaces…I would love some white washed vintage wood – does anybody have some fore me?

So, these photos are the results of my first attempt at setting up the food and shooting with natural light on the floor. I still don’t think there is anything natural about setting up food on the floor. Thankfully, nothing made it on to the rug.

Tomorrow – it’s Bed, Bath and Beyond and more shopping.Top Down seafood Salad, rice and stuffed mushroom

About Jerry

I was a science teacher for 31 years. During that time I photographed wedding and Bar Mitzvahs for about 15 years but that was in the days before digital. Being a teacher, I had my summers free so I assisted food and commercial still life photographers in NYC for 3 summers and fell in love with it. Having a wife and a mortgage, it was not practical to give up a job in teaching and go into photography so I put off my dream of becoming a food photographer until I retired from teaching. Now I am living my dream - I am a food and product photographer servicing New York City, Philadelphia and all of New Jersey.
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1 Response to Inspiration Can Be Expensive

  1. Jerry says:

    I just heard from Kohl’s and they left a link to a webpage where you can get great props…

    Visit their site and have fun shopping.

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